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At Seuss Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry, your appointment may win you fabulous prizes!


We provide lots of fun ways to enjoy your experience during your treatment time.  The office loves to host exciting contests.  Look on Facebook, Instagram, emails, and in the offices for details on how to enter contests going on all through the year.  GOOD LUCK!

Support Shoebox Ministry

Crazy socks 992 donated!

689 pairs donated.png
It’s Crazy Sock Time!.png

2023 Year's total:  992

This year, thanks to you, we donated 992 pairs of socks for the Phoenix Rescue Mission! 

We narrowly beat the 2022 total by 3 pairs of socks!  

Thank you for your support!!

The Patient of the Month, and Parent of the Month.

Here are the specifics:

  • The Parent Of The Month will be automatically entered for being on time or early.

  • The Patient Of The Month will be automatically entered when they wear a Dr. Seuss shirt, or support this quarter's agency Phoenix Rescue Mission by wearing crazy socks and or donating a pair of new socks! Each participant will earn a separate entry up to 3 in one appointment. 

Contest Winners!

Winner - Alyssa

Mrs Andreas nomination picture (1).jpg

Alyssa & Mrs. Andreas


Congratulations to Alyssa for winning the My Teacher Is The Best Contest!  She drew this lovely artwork of her teacher Mrs. Andreas. (real-life picture on the right.) which won her teacher, Mrs. Andreas a $300 spa gift card.  Mrs. Andreas is retiring from teaching and it was wonderful timing for Alyssa to present her with this prize at her retirement party!

Congratulations to both of them! 

Honorable Mentions

There were two honorable mentions.  The first was Clair, who submitted her 3rd-grade teacher, Ms. Zinn from Cochise Elementary School.  Second was Dov, who submitted his 4th-grade teacher, Mr.Harpt from Torah Day School of Phoenix.  Both teachers will be awarded a $50 spa gift card.  Below are our patient's submissions.  

Ms. Zinn, is the best!  

by Claire, grade 3

My teacher’s the best for many reasons. She makes learning fun! My teacher reads us lots of different kinds of books. In science, she introduced us to owls by reading a book and then we dissected an owl pellet and found the bones of what it ate, like a skull, a lower jaw and the leg bones of a mouse. That was so cool!


In math, she taught us division and I got really good at it. She also taught me how to be better at telling time. At the start of the school year, I had no idea how to write in cursive, but she helped me and now I can write neatly in cursive. Ms. Zinn took the class on a field trip. It was lots of fun because we learned about dinos and I love dinos!


At Halloween we had a party with games and prizes and before Winter Break we had a winter themed party. If we finish our work early, we play games like Heads Up 7-up. Lastly, my teacher supports every student and makes every kid feel like a valued member of the class and that is why my teacher, Ms. Zinn, is the best!

Claire and Ms. Zinn
Cochise Elementary School
Harpt and Dov.png
Mr. Harpt, is the best!  

 by Dov, 4th Grade

Mr. Harpt is the best teacher because even when we are doing really confusing things like math, science, reading, grammar, and writing, he explains everything super well and also always repeats everything a few times.


Another reason Mr. Harpt is the best teacher is because he not only teaches but sometimes brings in rewards.  In class, he does this thing where whenever we are behaving, he puts a marble in a jar with a smiley face and whenever we are misbehaving, he takes one from the one that has a smiley face and puts it into one with a frowning face. (The second part doesn’t happen very often.) Whenever we get all the marbles we get a party. Sometimes he gives us candy and sometimes he lets us have a reward like free time on the computer. This is why Mr. Harpt is the best teacher.

Dov and Mr. Harpt
Torah Day School of Phoenix
Click the picture to download

Dental Hygiene Contest


Bring this dental hygiene certificate to your next dental cleaning. Ask your dentist or your hygienist to sign it.  Bring it to your next orthodontic appointment or email the certificate to  You will be entered to win one of two $100 Amazon gift cards just for getting your teeth cleaned!

Certificate of dental Cleaning 2022.png
Congratulations to Jack!  He won a $100 Amazon gift card for the
golf attire contest.
Lexi won an Oral-B electric toothbrush for being
a good brusher!
Braylen spinning the wheel at his growth & guidance appointment!
Patient, Jack winner golf attire.jpg
Lexi Good brusher_edited.jpg
Braylen spiining wheel_edited.jpg
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