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Virtual Retainer Check 


Congratulations, your braces are off!  


Your next appointment will be for your retainer check. - Virtual Retainer Checks Now Available!

The Virtual Checkup will allow you to send in photos of your teeth and if there are questions regarding any problems, we will schedule a retainer check for you or your family member if needed.  

We can now complete retainer checks virtually! Steps are simple and easy!

Take pictures of teeth as seen below.  Please take the final picture with the retainer(s) place all the way in your mouth.

Submit photos, with any comments or questions you have to:

Dr. Seuss will review your images and if you need to be seen in the office we will reach out to you!


The easiest way to capture the intraoral photos is by using your cell phone and a pair of spoons to help get your cheeks and lips out of the way.  Below are examples of what the photos should look like. The facial photos should be taken against a plain non-reflective wall or surface.

Virtual Retainer Check up.jpg

#7 Image of Retainer

retainer dark background.png

Finally, please take a photo of your retainer facedown on a solid plain surface. This allows us to evaluate the condition of the retainer.

We will ask you to describe the condition of your aligners or retainers and then advise you from there based on your personal treatment progress. 

Review The Virtual page for more photo taking tips

Send your photos to

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