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2023 Scholarship Contest

Every year, Seuss Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry offers all patients present and past, the chance to enter to win a High School Scholarship. 

Here are the requirements:

  • Must be a graduating senior (may be homeschooled)

  • Must include your senior photo (digitally transmitted)

  • Must be attending a higher educational institution in the fall (college, tech school, etc.)

  • Must submit your choice of an essay in 300 words or less or a video 2 minutes or less on the following topic::


How has orthodontics changed your life?

Include your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings before braces, during braces, and after your braces were removed.


Deadline is April 28, 2023. Please submit questions & essay/video to


Below is the class of 2022 winners.  Congratulations to all of them!

Click on the photo to go to their winning entry.

2022 Scholarship Winners

Skyla Cochrane.jpg



I am a dancer.

Ever since I was young I would always get one major critique. It wasn’t my toes not being pointed, it wasn’t that my extensions weren’t high enough, it was my lack of confidence.

No matter how many hours I put in at the ballet barre, I always felt inferior to my teammates who could emote and perform without being ashamed.


But, this was until I went to the orthodontist.


As I was turning the key to my expander, the door to my newfound confidence opened. Why was I so embarrassed to be me? While the light above me at the orthodontics flicked on, the light in my head finally turned on.

Stage presence wasn’t just about my outward appearance, it was the beauty inside of me that I could express. And when putting on my headgear that night, I didn’t look away from the mirror, instead, I looked through the mirror and saw myself as worthy. I finally saw myself as beautiful.

I am not the same person I was 8 years ago. I went from an insecure girl to a strong and confident adult. And while my smile was great after braces, the process of it is what truly allowed me to open up. Orthodontics has changed my life because I have gained the confidence to smile, speak, dance, and motivate. As orthodontics has significantly helped my life, I have been inspired to help others by becoming a Physical Therapist.



From a young age, like most kids, I was very self-conscious about my teeth and more importantly about my smile. But, unlike most kids, I was also extremely tall for my age, especially for a girl. This caused me to be significantly more self-conscious as not only did I stick out like a sore thumb, but I also had teeth reminiscent of a donkey. Upon being told I needed braces I was both thrilled and scared. I was excited to have one less insecurity, but scared at the potential discomfort braces would cause.


Dr. Seuss not only fixed my teeth, but he did so in a relatively painless manner. I was amazed by his work and felt significantly more confident in myself now that I finally took pride in my smile. All of which I would be unable to say, had Dr. Seuss not corrected my smile.


With my newfound confidence in my smile, I finally began to see myself as beautiful and I eventually stopped being self-conscious about my height. My braces corrected one of my biggest insecurities and then helped me to realize I had no reason to be self-conscious about my height in the first place.


Without Dr. Seuss and my braces, I never would have gained the confidence I have in myself today. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to have had Dr. Seuss perfect my smile. I know he changed my life, and I'm thankful every time I look in the mirror.

Lauren Harper.jpg
Karlie Smith.jpg



After a five-year journey with an expander, spacers, five teeth pulled, and two rounds of braces I have a smile I never could’ve dreamed of. I would do it all over again for the results I have.

Before starting my orthodontic journey I was very self-conscious about my smile. I had crooked teeth and a misaligned bite and did not want others to see it. When you are younger you don't worry about those kinds of things but while I was growing up I started to become more aware of how my smile was not perfect. But as I watched my teeth grow straighter my confidence grew. I was so excited to finally have straight teeth and a beautiful smile. I can confidently say that now I can walk into a room and give everyone a proud smile. I especially


noticed this looking at my senior pictures because I loved how my smile looked in every picture.


I believe that a smile is so important in every aspect of life and do not have to be self-conscious about mine is such a blessing. A smile is so expressive and can make all the difference in the world in people's impression of you.


I am glad that I never have to worry about the way my smile looks, as long as I continue to wear my retainer every night of course. Dr. Seuss Orthodontics really did give me “the smile of my life” and I am forever grateful.




Hi, my name is Peyton and I am graduating from Pinnacle High School in May. I will be attending Grand Canyon University in the fall to study Worship Arts. I was a patient of Dr. Seuss for about 8 years. Being born premature, I was told that my teeth were weaker than they should be, and I would need a lot of work done. I was nervous because I am very sensitive.


There were many things that I had to get done, and while it felt like the journey was never going to end, Dr. Seuss always had a smile on his face and helped me stay positive. I remember being told that I would need braces twice, along with an expander and spacer. During my second phase of braces, it felt so close, yet so far. Every check-up, I remember thinking to myself, “I hope today is the day I get them off!”

Peyton Peterson.jpg
Kameron Cochrane.jpg



As a young teen, my teeth were as ragged and disorganized as my life. A buck gap between my two front teeth was like an open door into my messy room; and the awkwardness of my entire mouth symbolized the hurried organization of my room: each tooth seeming to be randomly placed like the clothes sprawled on my floor and floss thrown in my medicine cabinet, never to be used. Nevertheless, my journey with braces managed to correct my teeth and clean up my chaotic life. Not only did orthodontics give me prettier teeth and greater confidence to pursue my dreams, but it allowed me to see how imperfections and mistakes are an essential part of life; pulling one to their dreams like brackets pulled my teeth towards near-perfection.

Even though I may not be wearing braces anymore, the reminder of having to put a retainer in my mouth is still a bit bittersweet. But even then, it reminds me that I can never stay at my best without continuous efforts to improve my skills and passions.


Today, my retainer keeps my newly-beautiful teeth in check, preventing my unfortunate gap from reforming just as my daily aspirations and actions prevent a messy room or life from reforming. Orthodontics taught me to not just fight to succeed but to move past life’s difficulties to ensure my future shapes out just as braces shaped my smile: for the better.




How a Smile Changed My Life


As an aspiring high school student, moving on to the big world, my memories will always begin with my smile. Growing up, my teeth were not always perfect and straight. Most of my family members would refer to the two canines in my mouth as “fangs.” Honestly, it did not offend me and I definitely got a kick out of it, but I could not wait for that day when I got my shiny colored-plated teeth.


I remember the first time I went to Dr. Seuss and told him that I wanted them on my teeth as soon as possible. My mom looked at me like I was crazy, and I was.


Braces were not fun when it came to getting them tightened, re-wired, or the soreness of your

mouth post appointment trying to chew your mac and cheese, or any food for that matter. To be honest, the only great part about it was getting to change the colors based on the season of that specific appointment.


Getting my braces off was a very memorable day for me. Sitting in the waiting room in my school uniform with my name on the board, glowing. Dr. Seuss and his team made it comfortable and changed my confidence in the best way possible. I remember going to school that day and getting compliments on how beautiful my teeth are. I have so much confidence in knowing that all of the laughs, smiles, and excitement I experience are shown by the smile that I love.

Sophia Ross.jpg
Elise Gillins_edited.jpg



How has orthodontics changed your life?


Orthodontics has had a very substantial impact on my life. I lost both of my front teeth within the span of a few days when I was a child, and because of this my teeth did not grow straight and a crooked smile became the new normal for me. Having braces helped me to realize that it is okay to have flaws in your appearance, even if they are something that you end up changing.


After having braces, I was able to become a lot more confident in my day-to-day life, and of course, it was an enormous relief to not have to worry about the maintenance of my braces after I got them off. Having braces also helped me beyond just appearance. The treatments provided to me helped to set my jaw correctly, which resolved my sleep apnea. This allowed me to be more well rested and overall improved my quality of life.

During braces, I often grumbled about the upkeep, but having to take care of my braces


enabled me to create strong habits that I still continue to practice today, and will without a

doubt continue to apply throughout my college journey. I am very grateful to have had braces because they have allowed me to become a more confident person, and because of that confidence I have been able to achieve so many new opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise done without the belief in me that having braces contributed to much.

Kailey Scherf.jpg


I would like to tell you how Dr. Seuss and his amazing staff at Seuss Orthodontics have changed my life!


Before Dr. Seuss and braces, my self-esteem and confidence were low. I was not happy with my smile. My teeth were crowded and crooked. I was embarrassed to open my mouth. I remember feeling sad when taking a photo, people would say “Smile Kailey”. I felt scared that people would laugh at my teeth. I worried about my future and wondered, “would my teeth always look like this”?


Starting my braces journey with Dr. Seuss Orthodontics was the best thing I ever did. During my treatment, my visits were positive and I noticed my teeth straightening. I was so excited!


Time flew by and I felt more comfortable. On 11/14/2017, I got my braces off! Instantly, my self-esteem and confidence grew. I smiled lots and loved having my photo taken. Now people say, “Kailey, I love your smile, wow such beautiful teeth”. I say thank you and let them know Dr. Seuss gave me my smile! Sometimes people laugh when I say “Dr. Seuss”, they think of funny children’s books. But, I tell them Dr. Seuss is a real superhero to me!


Being a high school senior is exciting, however, I look forward to the next chapter in my life. Get ready NAU, you have a confident Lumberjack with a gorgeous smile on her way this Fall!


Thank you for reading about my “Seuss-cessful” braces journey!

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