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2023 Scholarship Contest

Every year, Seuss Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry offers all patients present and past, the chance to enter to win a High School Scholarship. 

Here are the requirements:

  • Must be a graduating senior (may be homeschooled)

  • Must include your senior photo (digitally transmitted)

  • Must be attending a higher educational institution in the fall (college, tech school, etc.)

  • Must submit your choice of an essay in 300 words or less or a video 2 minutes or less on the following topic:


How has orthodontics changed your life?

Include your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings before braces, during braces, and after your braces were removed.


Margaret is this year's winner!

Margaret E.

When I was just shy of 12 years old, I had to have 2 teeth pulled for crowding. It was a scary experience for me. So, after being told I had to get braces, I was worried about the pain and discomfort I would have— and imagined the worst possibilities that could happen while having braces.

Dr. Seuss made the process easy! Rather than being scared of upcoming appointments or orthodontics pain, I would look forward to visiting the office! The excitement of changing my band color was fun (even if I had to stare at a picture of my older sister on Dr. Seuss’s walls as a previous patient!), and I never left the office worrying about something breaking or coming loose. I was continually reassured through the process, and the reward when my braces came off was entirely worth it. My confidence was boosted immensely. Getting my braces off made me feel like a completely different person!

Not only has my smile become one of my best features as a result of orthodontics, but it’s also one of the things people compliment me on the most. Almost weekly I hear, “your teeth are so perfect they make your smile look great.” Hearing someone say they like my smile has become something I’ve grown accustomed to and the reason behind it is the orthodontics. Not only was the whole process easy and much shorter than many other teens, but the results were also so much better than anything I could have imagined – and still something that amazes me. I’m fortunate for the compliments, especially when I hear of so many others who are insecure about their smile. I’m thankful we found Dr. Seuss – orthodontics has given me confidence that will help me as I pursue the career field of interior design.

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