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Why 3M Braces?


3M is a United States company located in Minnesota.  3M is a global leader in technology, innovation, and research. They have been producing inventive products that improve people’s lives for over 100 years. 


In the braces arena, 3M produced the first stainless steel braces, the first adhesive pre-coated braces, color-changing bonding adhesive, and true self-ligating braces.  Seuss Orthodontics only use 3M brackets.  


Revolutionary APC Adhesive Coated Appliance System

This is a faster, more efficient system for bonding braces which means less time in the chair for you. Each brace is pre-coated with just the right amount of adhesive, keeping the steps in the bonding process to a minimum.  The APC system brackets are individually packed and sealed in unique, single-use and tamper-evident blisters. This packaging is your assurance that these brackets are new and have never been recycled. No other types of brackets available worldwide today, provide this evidence. 

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