How did orthodontics change your life? Include your perceptions, thoughts, and feelings before braces, during braces, and after your braces were removed.

Chamberlain Peterson

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2018 High School Scholarship Winners

Madison Cawthon

Braces were probably one of the most impactful things that I’ve had in my life; when I had them, I hated them. I disliked having to clean and floss out the food caught in them after every meal, having to put wax on the spots that would poke me, and the discomfort that came with getting them tightened. But looking back almost three years after having braces, I realize how beneficial they were to my confidence in my appearance. Before braces, I had extremely crooked teeth; I had a big gap between my two front ones, and the rest were all over the place. I rarely smiled with my teeth because I hated the way they looked. I lacked confidence in myself; I had braces for years, and little by little I could see my smile improving. Because my teeth had a lot of complications, however, I had braces for years longer than most of my friends, which annoyed me; I’d gotten them on long before everyone and I didn't get them off until freshman year of high school. When I finally got them off, I felt like a totally different person; my smile was completely changed and perfect compared to how it once was. Having beautiful teeth and a pretty smile greatly improved my confidence and I finally loved the way I looked. Without braces, I feel as though I'd look very different and I wouldn't be as happy with the way I look as I am today.

A past or present patient who is graduating high school and planning to further their education is eligible.

Dr. Seuss is offering two $500 Scholarships.  Here are requirements:

Must be a graduating senior (may be homeschooled)
Must include your senior photo (digitally transmitted)
Must be attending an educational institution in the fall (college, tech school, etc.) 
Must submit an essay in 250 words or less on the following topic:

Like most things in life, you don’t realize how bad your teeth are until they are fixed. While I never really complained about my smile pre-braces, I simply did not know how much better it could look. When I first saw Dr. Seuss, I was 10 years old and didn’t care too much about my looks. My teeth were already fairly straight, and I actually didn’t think I’d ever be getting braces. A couple of years later, Dr. Seuss told me it was time to fully align my teeth and my bite, so braces it is! I had them for about 14 months, and by then I was 13, starting to care more about what I looked like and how I felt about myself. I was so incredibly glad that I had gotten braces and that my smile now looked better than ever! Fast forward to now, I’m 17, and couldn’t be more thankful to Dr. Seuss for what he did not only for my teeth but for my confidence. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you and having a great smile attracts positive attention from people all around. I hope to use my Dr. Seuss-made smile to do so for years to come- through college, and into the workforce as well. Thank you, Dr. Seuss!