​Reviews of Dr. Seuss and Seuss Orthodontics

This is one of the most well run medical offices of any type I've ever seen.  Very professional and well trained staff.  Was to get appointments at convenient times of the day, like before and after school.  Hope the results for my son's teeth turn out as good as this office is run! So far so good.

Alex B.

We are so happy with Dr. Seuss! He is thorough and a perfectionist. His staff is wonderful and he bothers to put quality people at the front desk (our first impression) which so many doctors don't realize is so important.  My daughter loved going in for her visits because it was so fun to visit this office.  We had her braces taken off yesterday and she hasn't stopped smiling!

Kathy S.

Let's start out with the fact that this is the 3rd orthodontist that we are experiencing! It's pretty amazing that every single detail at Dr. Seuss' office is perfect.  From the smiling friendly staff, to the matching scrubs, to the super clean office and the detailed care... it's the best medical facility I've every been to.  Dr. Seuss is well spoken and has a super pleasant "bed-side manner".  The office has excellent communication with email alerts of traffic in the area, birthday wishes and appointment reminders.  When my daughter had her braces put on the staff went over how to brush, floss and deal with your braces with a detailed lesson and video.  They also give you a party bag with an electric tooth brush, flossing devises and plenty of wax.  I can only say if the results are as remarkable as the care we have had so far we will be doing the happy dance! This office is by far so much better than the other two places we have experienced... So if you or a family member or friend need to become a metal mouth :) This is the place to go! 

Scout S.

Dr. Seuss is the best doctor you can find.  This doctor and his staff are positive, upbeat and comforting to all. And how can we forget   his scholarship initiative, all the entertainment, activities and prizes.  I would highly recommend Dr. Seuss. 


​George S. 

I've been seeing Dr. Seuss as an adult and couldn't be happier! I was referred from my own dentist to Dr. Seuss and honestly couldn't have picked a better orthodontist if I tried.  I have finished treatment and am very pleased with my new smile.  I would recommend Dr. Seuss to anyone considering treatment: children or adults.  The staff is absolutely fantastic. They are always positive, smiling and caring.  They have been very accommodating with scheduling and appointments.  Dr. Seuss is amazing! He makes sure to form a genuine patient connection and that you understand the processes and next steps and additionally is probably the nicest person you've ever met.  In my opinion, this is the first and only place you should visit!

Cheryl H.

​Wow! I don't even know where to start! :)

I was referred to Dr. Seuss by a friend who had both of her kids' braces done there.  Being an adult who wanted Invisalign, I was a bit hesitant for 2 reasons - 1) I thought they only handled kids (given the name) and 2) my friend's children had braces done, not Invisalign.  However, my friend has always raved about this place and ensured me that he sees adult patients as well.  Not to mention her kids have gorgeous smiles, so I figured why not?

From the moment I walked in, my hesitancies were laid to rest.  The office is stunning with fun decor - very inviting.  I was greeted by smiling staff and the smell of fresh-baked cookies.  I was in awe from the beginning and from day 1, the staff has done everything to make this a seamless process for me.  I've had plenty of questions along the way and have never felt dumb or rushed with my questions.  Perhaps the biggest surprise for me was that I have never felt as though I was being '"upsold" with things I didn't need - a rarity these days.  All of my treatment decisions have been made with a team approach based on my individual circumstances.  It has been refreshing to say the least!

I cannot thank Dr. Seuss and his team enough for everything they have done for me and for making this nervous adult feel right at home.  You are all truly amazing people and I will always think of you when I smile :)

Jessica S. 

“The care and treatment you give to each patient is second to none. How fortunate you all must feel knowing that you can make such a positive difference in the lives of many.” – Cindy, Tom & Elizabeth

“I appreciate your polite and professional manner.” – Mary

“Excellent!” – Chris

“Thanks for everything you and your staff have done. The smiles, laughter and caring.” -Kathleen

“You are like no other orthodontist.” – Shae

“Well done!” “Thanks for generously giving back to your patients. The staff were warm, friendly and welcoming. Thanks to all for your hard work.” – Susan

“What an impressive operation.” -David

“I thought it was wonderful to read the article about the girl who needed orthodontics and could not afford it. Glad to see you were “up to speed”, ready to offer her care. Very proud!” – Sherrie

“You’re right on top!” – Dan